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W.A it isnt too hard to draw your own up ,with half decent pics and guestimations .But then again you might ask for those too lol.Some members on here have worked long and hard to acquire info/pics etc and have or are still busy drawing them up.Please look at it from their point of view.Would you put all that talent /effort etc into a project and have someone come along and possible rip their work for self gain or profit?I would gladly share all my info with anyone but then i would be furious if they where to mis use it.Sorry if it sounds like im having a go at you and i apologise if it does ,but it is a bit suspicious that nearly every thread you have wrote on its asking for profile shots or blueprints etc.Please feel free to p.m me if you fancy a chat or help with anything ,but im sorry in advance i havnt got any blueprints of anything
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All: Know that it's not my intent to slam / demean / put-down or otherwise do public or private harm to the person who calls himself, on these forums, "Workshop Artist". This is a very friendly / comfy / cozy place ... and I love it for that, and I intend to do what I can to keep it that way.

For what it's worth: my concern wasn't what was said by Workshop Artist in this thread. It was, as others have sagely pointed out, directed more at that plus the "preponderance of the evidence" in other threads that person has posted to. It seems to me that this person seems to want to collect more working drawings and/or blueprints than any one human being could reasonably put to use, hobby-wise, over many years. (I say that as a person who spent nine months of my leisure time, on one model alone!)

I didn't want to say it aloud, before, but -- and please don't let this thread degrade into a flame war! Let's keep it decent; or if we can't say anything nice, just "let things go" -- but I couldn't help but notice that the overall trend seems to be one person, with (perhaps) somewhat limited skills in the English language, trying hard to do one thing, over and over: procure fan-made and/or official blueprints. On more than one occasion I've idly wondered if this person might not be a scout for a small Chinese factory or something: tasked with procuring blueprints of little-documented-but-cool-looking sci-fi vehicles, for production. It occurs to me that the success of Pegasus models, with certain types of kits, might have gotten some other factories interested in doing something similar. Perhaps. I'm not saying that's what's going on, here ... just that the thought has occurred, in the past.

Understand that if this "SHADO (passenger) Jet" aircraft model was my own, original design, there's a big chance that I would not care less who copied the design. But it's not my design. It's just my physical, 3D interpretation of someone else's (Mike Trim's) very cool 2D design, from decades ago. I had already stated that, because the designers were very cool with me when I asked for their permission to "play in their playground," that I'm not going to stab them in the back or otherwise take unfair advantage of their kindness. It would not be right. Legal points be (bleeped) ... I'm not (primarily) concerned with that. I'm trying to follow a higher standard: being kind and fair to those who have been more than kind and more than fair to me!

In that context, Workshop Artist's comments had an air of sounding like, "Yeah, okay, I see your point: but if you wanted to, you could follow the letter of the law by not posting blueprints, per se; while breaking the spirit behind those laws, by posting pictures of the craft, as seen from six orthographic views: views which could then quickly converted into blueprints, by skilled draftsman". If I had a tone or attitude which sounded offended or hurt or ticked off, in a previous post, it was due to what I felt was an implied insult from Workshop Artist: the implication that I might be willing to screw over people who were very friendly to me, for no reason other than to please a stranger (who might possibly have commercial intents behind their requests).

Simply put, my feeling was: "What kind of a person are you implying I am!?" So, I issued one firm "No, and quit asking" ... and I let it go at that. That was my intent, anyway.

If I've somehow offended or hurt anyone, I apologize for that. It wasn't ever my intent.

I'm only posting a follow-up because this sounds (to me and others) like it's on the verge of becoming a time-wasting flame war, or like it might easily degrade into name-calling ... so I'm simply going to let things go, myself, after having stated the clarifications above.

There's a saying: "Do you want to be right, or do you want to be friends?" Given a choice of only the two, I'd rather not invest any more time in "being right". Not on this subject.

It took me a long time but I finally learned a big lesson, some years ago. One of my mentors, David Merriman, taught me that in these situations it's best to push away from the keyboard, and get back into the shop! I have one deadline to meet, at the end of this month, for a future (non-Anderson) kit-upgrade / plastic-welding article for SF&FM; and about half a dozen other builds for them, after that one ... so, I literally don't have any more time for discussing stuff like this. So that's what I hope everyone does, at this point: push away from their keyboards, and get comfy at their workbenches! Fair enough?!

-- Ward Shrake --
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I think we understand you, Wardster. Thanks for the clarification, and for the advice.

Let's go build some models, people!
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Originally Posted by areteecee View Post
so you can make you own blue prints perhaps?????
As a matter of fact,"yes".it's so that I can be able to build one of
my own to be made at a specific scale.
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Originally Posted by Wardster View Post

[Snip] because the designers were very cool with me when I asked for their permission to "play in their playground," that I'm not going to stab them in the back or otherwise take unfair advantage of their kindness.

Fair enough?!

-- Ward Shrake --
Works for me - I was once thrown off another forum because I was unwilling to divulge information, which had been given to me in confidence.
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