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Default Another R/C SHADO Mobile... almost

Hi you lot. Wonder if you can help me. Decided to build a Mobile myself but was going to use some existing tracks that I already had from a Tamiya Pershing . As it was going to be r/c it didnt bother me that the tracks were incorrect pattern. I just scaled the Tank to the width of the tracks so its sub studio scale.
As for the wheels I had some clever ideas about fashioning my own when it struck me that you have mentioned a smaller scale Tiger Joe tank? Does anyone know the dimensions of the wheels on those. I might just be lucky and there dimensions might fit , saving me a load of wheels to be made!

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very nice indeed
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Hi Rocketman,
There's a small Tiger Joe tank on eBay right now, ends this time tomorrow.
Drop the seller a line and he'll probably measure one for you. The pic shows a tape measure next to the wheels, looks like 2.25" approximately. Though the wheels are not the same pattern as the big TJ's, they've added bolts or dots between the wheel spokes. No bidders yet, and only $20. Shp might be a killer to the UK, but it could be stripped here, before shipping there? I did a lg set that way for a member here.
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