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Originally Posted by Stu73 View Post
em, 14 hours
I must have had the "extended mix"
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Default Naming names....

Hi Guys,

Three of the greatest "pop" stars that ever lived:

Vauhgan-Williams - Thrash Orchestra and Ballads
Debussey - Trance Orchestra and New Wave
Holst - Traditional and perfect for Mime Conducting

I really "cut some shapes" to this lot - on a daily basis almost

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Well- described like that puts you in the classic FM camp not Radio 3.

I Remember Bob Ballard writing about diving on Titanic-always played Raiders of the lost ark on the way down,-What a feeling from Flashdance on the way back up!! I know what he meant
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The Ultra Probe has always been one my favorite ships in the series next to the Mk IX Hawk and the Swift.
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