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Default Martian Tripod

Just bunged this over on the WOTW site and thought you might like a look?
Built it about 5 years ago. The basis is a three legged wind-up robot i got from Argos.
The legs were thickened out with tubing and extra details added with slices of straws.
Tentacles are Magic Sculpt wrapped in fine fuse wire.
The Heat Ray is a spare part from an Anime kit with another Magic Sculpt tentacle holding it.
The base are all HO train accesories.

The cockpit is the recess for the batteries, done out with some real small kitbits.
The Martian is again Magic Sculpt with even finer fuse wire for its tentacles.
Panels are drawn on with pencil.

More kitbits for the rear arm and a hairnet for the collecting basket. The ribbed bits where the legs join the body are the bendy bits of straws.

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That's mint! Particularly like the Martian - just as I imagined them ...
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That's very good, nice result.
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