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Tim Smith
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Default My Pod U Like Entry Number Two

Entry # 20

Tony Cellini’s Taxi Eagle

In scale with the Product Enterprise Ltd. Eagle is this Taxi pod, owned and operated by a famous Alphan. As we approached UFO:1999, we needed a way to get Ed Straker to the moon. Since his Lunar Modules were out of commission by 1999, we wondered how to do it. At first the Eagle seemed the easiest way. But we were doing comedy, after all, and that wasn’t quite what the script needed. We needed a joke there. A good inside joke. And so we completed the scene, got our joke, and in the process answered the question, just how did Tony Cellini get back to Alpha anyway.
Thus the Taxi pod was introduced, complete with a yellow paint scheme, a light, checkers, and the image of a terrible monster that still haunted him.

Comparison shot, Taxi pod to Product Enterprise Eagle

Taxi, side view.

Taxi, top view.

Taxi, three quarter shot. Please, you must believe him!
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to see a large detailed version of the above:

ENTRY # 021


The A.C.I.D: Advanced Communications + Intruder Detector POD is used for deep space communications monitoring and as part of Alpha's *extended defense perimeter.

A versatile multi use POD design allows the A.C.I.D. to be used as a remote information gathering base, early warning detection device and as a solar panel powered lab and living quarters for exploratory missions and communications tasks.

Although transported and supplied by Alpha's eagle fleet amazingly the ACID has flight capabilities of its own and can make short journeys using the onboard thrusters and boosters allowing for convenient changes of location at home, on distant planets and in space if need arises.

In space the modules attached to the side of the POD can be deployed individually, detaching from the main pod body and left at specific locations as navigation beacons and research satellites.

Several A.C.I.D. pods are deployed on the opposite side of the moon to give early warning of intruders and a number of them are used as cosmic listening devices much like the old earth SETI project devices but are actually listening for messages originating from Earth or Earth Ships.

A POD design inspired and built with the aid of 3 Konami UFO S.I.D. models. My intention was to build a good looking and functional POD that we might have seen used in the original series and one that could be easily duplicated by eagle fans with the minimum of fuss. The S.I.D. models were modified slightly and then attached to the sides of a standard PE eagle POD. No painting was necessary since the models are pre-painted and weathered with detailing that closely matches that of the Eagle .

to see a large detailed version of the above:

*The Extended Defense Perimeter (E.D.P.) was a concept developed late in the first year of Alpha's breakaway after a number of adventures and surprises alerted the Alphan's to the need for such a system. It had become obvious that Alpha needed both a remote listening and communications facility combined with a military style early warning detection system and so the E.D.P. was established using a small fleet of modified Eagle POD's.**

**The E.D.P. is a work of imagination and invented to help with the backstory for this POD design. It was never used in Space 1999 ; )
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ENTRY # 022

Hover Pod (HOP)

Originally the eagles were not meant to land on water but when the Alphans encountered a water planet with intelligent inhabitants it became necessary to invent something to make water landings possible. The alphan technicians developped the Hover Pod which not only kept the eagles on the surface but made it also possible to use them as hovercrafts.

The air cushion of the Hover Pod is stored in special compartments on the underside of the Hover Pod. Just before the Eagle lands on the water surface, the landing gear retracts, the air cushion is inflated and the eight fans of the Hover Pod keep the craft above ground. The main engine and the retro rockets are used to maneouver the HOP-Eagle.

About the model:
The air cushion is made out of styro foam, the larger balls are spare balls from a Lego robot, the smaller balls are plastic jewellery perls. The rest is full scratch built. One interesting thing: The outer doors are made out of thick aluminium foil, pressed over the outer doors of a PE laboratory pod and so receiving a copy.

Hope you all like it.

Cheers, Ron
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Alpha's last child
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ENTRY # 023

Heavy lifting Pod - Thunderbird 2 Pod.

“I saw it on a television show when I was a child.”

This pod was designed when the need arose to create a vessel for moving large amounts of materials and equipment to and from Moonbase Alpha, using the Eagle spacecraft as the work vehicle. One engineer, remembering a television program from his youth, designed the pod based on a children’s show.

Painted green, in honour of Thunderbird 2, and with a large white number identifying each pod, these pods were pressed into service as soon as they were built.

On its launch, there were chuckles and smiles evident in the crowd & Commander Koenig made the comment that if any of the engineers started wearing blue-rimmed glasses or started talking with a stutter, then all the pods would be painted a standard Eagle white.

Today, these pods are the most used accessory apart from the Standard Eagle Passenger Pod. Spaceworthy, in an emergency this pod could be used to transport members of Moonbase Alpha in their spacesuits.

This pod was scratch built from balsa wood, which was hand carved. The front hatch is a 1mm piece of styrene and the number decal was cut out of paper. (Thanks to EagleFan for the use of the countdown font.) Weathered and painted accordingly, this pod is my first scratch built project. I found the process enjoyable – I hope you all enjoy the result.

For some reason, the colour of the pod keeps changing in the photographs. Anyone who wants to see it in person is welcome to come around any time and view it.

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Default AQUA POD

ENTRY # 024

With their ties to Earth gone, and acquiring supplies and survival being of the utmost importance. Alpha command solicited the requirement of a new vehicle. Using their resources, the Alpha engineers fabricated this Aqua Pod out of totalled Eagle parts and various other hardware unable to be re-circulated on the base.
The Aqua Pod is a submersible vessel. It’s prime importance is to study and collect drinking water from compatible worlds to afford the Alphans basic luxuries. It is also harnessed in the study of life forms living beneath the ocean surface to compare the life matrixes of a new world to that of our own for possible colonisation of that world.

Click on images for bigger photos:

* *


As requested, the model is pictured here in its raw state with no settings or after effects.

It was built out of cardboard and miliput. I added a handful of greeblies and two grain of wheat bulbs for the final look. Thank you for looking and hope you enjoy.
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ENTRY # 025

The Connecting Pod (or Connpod)

If no standard central pod is available for an Eagle, what happens if the pilot has to get to the aft section to use the loo? Should he or she have to suit up and perform an EVA just to get there? The Connecting Pod (or Connpod) is a bare-bones solution to that problem. Essentially an bigger version of a mid-flight bording tube (used to connect two Eagle passenger modules together), the Connpod was designed under the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid), and offers nothing in the way of creature comforts.
The Connpod is actually a bit larger than necessary for simple crew passage, but this larger size gives it another use when not attached to an Eagle: it could serve as a temporary connector for lunar surface outposts or even Alpha buildings.

General shot.

Another general shot.

Bottom view.

Top view, showing narrowness.

Detached view, showing doorway.

There is no Alpha crest on the Connpod because it's not an actual full sized, fully decked-out pod. (Bording tubes are similarly undecorated.) The Connpod does not 'magically' ratract into the Eagle body, but is fitted into place when the Eagle is in one of the hangars.

This was one of three entries I'd been working on, and in all honesty was the least serious one I'd designed. (Not actually a humourous entry, though.) Unfortunately, I ran out of time before completely finishing the other two. I could have completed enough of a single side of one of them to photograph, but I don't want to 'retrofit' the other side after the fact. Part of the problem is that I didn't follow the KISS principle and over-engineered them, with sliding doors and other working features. (Not motorised, mind you, but moveable.) Anyway, someday soon I'll post some in-progress pics on another thread of my 'pods that U almost got to like'.

Finally, I apologise for the blurriness/lack of detail in these pics; I was using a borrowed basic camera and had very little time to photograph. (Not that it shows up at all, but the doorway is scratchbuilt... what a pain that was! And I made more for the other pods I'm working on. ARGH!)

As for construction, it's all made from sheet and strip styrene (with square styrene 'tubes' inside for structural bracing), and is spray painted with Testor's flat enamel paints out of a can. (Well, three cans, actually: black, gull gray and white, applied in layers & masked with straight strips to create random panel lines.)

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Astrophysics Technician
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ENTRY # 026

PMH (Portable Modular Habitat)

This pod is the response for a self-contained, tightly packed habitat, which can be transported by one Eagle and be left in remote areas of the Moon to serve as self-supported outposts, autonomous for a year or more.
In its standard configuration, the PMH is formed by a single Habitat module and parts to form two more modules, that can be assembled in two hours. Another modular part is the airlock, which can be seen attached at the rear end, forming with the PMH a connection space between the two Eagle companionways.

Hanging from a rack on the right side, there are the nuclear reactor to provide energy, and the Life Support Center, which contains also the Hydroponics automatic farm to produce food. The three rectangular boxes are HCC (High Capacity Containers, which carry tools, parts, personal items, and a Moonbuggy.
Usually, a typical outpost formed with one or more PMHs, have an Eagle permanently assigned, which remains docked with the habitat. But if the Eagle is needed elsewhere, the PMH can be left by itself.
An Eagle can´t fly with the PMH attached when it's developed in its three-module configuration (at least, it hasn't be tested ). There is no limit in the number of modules that can be added, neither in quantity nor in configuration.

This is the standard "Flight" configuration

This one is the PMH with all three basic modules developed

"Front" (Bow) and "Rear" (Stern) views of the PMH. In the lower one, you can see clearly the airlock module.

The interior. There are basic facilities for four people (bedroom, complete bathroom, etc.)

Basic construction: Perspex, styrene, bits of the Moonbase Alpha kit, and resin pieces (mostly copies of old toys parts).

Sadly, I have more photos, but the 6-pics-limit is there...

Pheeewwww! I designed and built the thing in 10 days... I need a rest! (and I can't)
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Alpha's last child
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Entry # 027

Doomsday Pod – Qmega Project

“Damn it Victor! We need to be able to defend ourselves without substantial loss of personnel. Equipment can be replaced, but without the men and women to run Alpha, we are all dead!” – Commander Koenig advocating the necessity of the Qmega Project.

This pod is the fusion of both Earth-based and alien technology. Based around the devastating Queller drive, this pod vehicle is Moonbase Alpha’s ultimate weapon. Due to its nature, this pod represents the pinnacle of the technical and moral aspects of mankind and Moonbase Alpha.

The pod is designed to fit on the top of any Eagle vehicle. It needs to be deployed longe-range by Eagle because of its limited chemical thrusters.

The Doomsday pod utilises three layers of fail-safe protocols. The first involves Computer, on Moonbase Alpha. On the pod itself, are two long-range communication beacons that create a link to Alpha, through Computer.

The second failsafe is a team of technicians onboard the Eagle, who have a remote computer system should a fault in transmission to Computer at Alpha occur. This terminal is manually operated, and can destroy the Doomsday Pod at any time.

The third failsafe is with Commander Koenig, and is part of his comlock, which is carried at all times. Special transmitters have been established around Alpha, and on all Eagles, which will relay the destruct message through passive sensors located on the wingtips of the pod. (The pod was specifically designed for long-range communication.)

To date, the pod has been deployed, but has not been triggered - to the relief of all involved on this project! The development of the Qmega Project has created a rift among the personnel of Alpha, some seeing its necessity and others believing that Alpherians have taken a step backward with its development. No markings of any sort are on the pod, due to its inherent destructive purpose.

This pod is completely kit-bashed with the liberal use of styrene and putty blending. The idea for this pod came from a spec script written as a sequel to “Voyager’s Return”. A last minute entry, it came together very quickly and I hope you enjoy the idea surround the Qmega Project.
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Entry # 028

Wide Body Cargo Pod

During Alpha's construction the need was recognized for transportation of cargo rlarger than could easily be accommodated in the standard passenger module. The standard open cargo pallet was not suitable for cargo requiring pressurization, so a wider variant of ths standard passenger module was designed with up to 40 percent more interior volume, and capable of handling more than twice the payload mass.

Designed for maximum versatility, the interior is more easily reconfigured than a standard pod. At one extreme is an empty shell with all bulkheads removed. At the other is a complete lunar habitat module capable of sustaining a construction or scientific crew of eight for up to 3 months. In a pure passenger configuration, up to 32 crew can be carried.

The standard starboard docking and egress hatch was retained for use on the Alpha landing pads. One of the chief driving requirements for the cargo pod was the need to transport complex equipment that could not be easily disassembled for transport. To this end, the port hatch was replaced by a clamshell ramp that is 60 percent wider, and 25 percent taller than the standard hatch. This hatch is not compatible with the boarding tube airlock, and is intended for use primarily inside the pressurized Eagle Hangers, or for egress to the lunar surface for construction and exploratory missions. In the habitat or construction configuration an airlock can be installed in this hatch large enough to accommodate a moon buggy and two suited astronauts. A secondary airlock can be installed parallel to the main airlock, with egress into the lock via a standard interior hatch. This allows considerable flexibility in surface operations, specifically allowing the exterior ramp to remain extended while simultaneously allowing ingress and egress of suited personn0el. It is this configuration that is still typically employed in surface exploration parties, such as the ones commanded by Reynolds or Sanderson,

Propulsion configuration was altered substantially from the standard pods. The VTOL thrusters were moved further outboard, and increased in number to 8. Four reaction control pods were placed on the outer bulkheads to assist in roll and pitch maneuvers. The close proximity to the outboard landing pods made the use of yaw thrusters undesirable, so the Eagle flight software was modified to avoid flight modes that would exceed the standard thrusters' capability while carrying the heavier pod.

The extra width allowed inclusion of a payload ledge running the length of the pod. Unpressurized cargo can be carried here, as well as volatiles and fluids (typically extra fuel tanks for cargo operations, or water and oxygen consumables for habitat missions).
A propulsion module (shown in some of the images here) was developed for increased payload delivery. This same module can greatly increase the range of the Eagle if a reduced payload is carried. This capability has been used on several occasions since the breakaway for particularly long range or long duration flights.

At the time of breakaway only 3 wide body pods were in place on Alpha, so their use has been limited. Some discussion has occurred on the desirability of converting more standard pods to the wide body style, primarily for use in the long hoped for Operation Exodus. However, while the hardware is available (particularly in some of the damaged Eagles that get hauled back to base periodically) the manhours required for a conversion is extensive. The booster pod conversion takes considerably less time, and the increased payload and range it offers has made that conversion much more attractive. Consequently only a single wide body pod conversion has occurred, whereas eight booster pods were added to the flight inventory during the same period (not counting attrition).

Whew! I had no intention of submitting at the 11th hour, but like most of my modeling efforts, this took way longer than anticipated.

After 13 days of concerted effort after work and much of last weekend I am finaly done.

I don't think I can even set foot in my damn modeling room for a week.

Thank god I hoard left over parts from old projects.

- John
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Richard Baker
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Entry # 029

AWACS/Recon Pod

From what I have seen, Moonbase Alpha is constantly moving into areas of unknown dangers. They usually sent Eagles out ahead to check things out, but most of the time those tended to explode before the first commercial.
My pod is designed to help them detect dangers at long distances and monitor a large volume of space. It is a Recon/AWACS unit. When deployed two long range scanners swing out on each side and the rotating dish rises on four struts. A remote probe is housed in the back of the pod. It can be released and used to either act as a self powered probe or left behind to relay information. A Command and Control room is located in the forward section with four lateral scanners on the outer hull.

Forward View - Stored Configuration

Forward View - Deployed Configuration

Side View

Top View

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Default Pod U Like what if conest entry

ENTRY # 030

What if the moon never broke out of earth orbit? What if the moon became a succesfull comercial out post? This entry shows that old "work horse" addage that the Eagle has become known for . This is a group entry by Norman Wong and Stephen Sekulic.

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Default The Great experiment , Pod U Like Entry

ENTRY # 031

We all know watching the show as we grew up , they really crashed alot of ships ! What did the moonbase enginers do with all that wreckage ? This entry depicts the 'I wonder what we can do with this stuff' idea that the boys would have come up with.
Speed is the key to getting our alphans home, so here is a X-pod of Hawk parts being modified to test the theory of faster than light travel.
This is a group entry Concept by Mike Mangold , Construction by Norman Wong, Eagle supplied by Stephen Sekulic.

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"The Rainbow Rocket"

This masterpiece was designed, painted and named by my 6 year old daughter. She is rather famous in her home for her unique, avant-garde use of colour.

She helped with the prep and assembly where possible and was adamant on the colour scheme.

She found the model in a closet while on safari looking for such treasure, nearly fell over with glee and could hardly sleep that night.

I think she was more into the painting than the modeling.

[ Please take a Xanax before proceeding ]

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ENTRY # 033

Excavation Pod (EXP)

Well, how do you think that the alphans dig their holes?

The Excavation Pod complements Entry No.2 from Jim Small which in my opinion is not only used for carrying alphan thrash away...The pod can operate by itself and the 3 shovels are operated by two alphans and a computer. Access is from below and the pod can be lowered directly by a built in winch.

Hope you like it.

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Entry #034

Project Eyrie

Once S.I.D. was operational and proving its effectiveness Commander Straker initiated ‘Project Eyrie’ or S.I.D. 2.

Project Eyrie envisioned a dual purpose development of the original S.I.D. satellite concept.

In captive mode attached to an Eagle and without its nose NAV section it transformed the carrier Eagle into an Eagle Eyrie S.W.A.C. (Space borne Warning and Control) vehicle. The Eagle Eyrie was to be used in conjunction with the newly developed Hawk long range interceptor vehicles as well as armed Eagles and other weapon systems.

Defensive and offensive operations would be coordinated from the S.W.A.C. which with its comprehensive sensor and communication suites and advanced AI combat control suite.

Battles against the Alien intruders would be controlled by advanced AI and make full use of the best available weapon options, be they Earth, space or Lunar based.

Being carried by the Eagle meant that S.H.A.D.O. could engage U.F.O.’s at longer ranges than before. With its Hawk escort patrols could dominate near Earth space.

In autonomous mode with its NAV section attached the Eyrie was designed to range far out from Earth/Lunar space to extend detection and attack coordination range. The Eyrie would be loaded onto its carrier Eagle for lift off from the Moon.

The Eagle would accelerate and then detach the Eyrie on its way out to its deep space patrol orbit.

After separation the Eyrie’s NAV section and Radar Array Wings swing into place and nuclear powered ion thrust engines supply the thrust to the required orbit.

After months on ‘patrol’, or when in need of repair, the Eyrie would navigate itself back to rendezvous with an Eagle and a landing on the Moon. Eyries have no landing legs and must be transported and hoisted into place using special wheeled platforms.

12 Eyrie vehicles were completed, 6 of which would be in use and 6 would be undergoing repair and service at any one time.

The Eyrie has a heavily armoured structure to withstand attack and collisions with space debris etc.

Many systems have multiple redundancies to enable the vehicle to survive system failures and attack damage when on long patrols. Although designed as an unmanned vehicle the Eyrie can be piloted in an emergency. There is short stay provision for 4 people on board. Internal access also allows for limited ‘in orbit’ servicing.

The Eyrie is literally covered with detection and communication devices covering a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Detection equipment includes parabolic and planar radar antennae. The large ‘wings’ are not solar panels but radar arrays.

Optical devices are also used for detection and long range examination of ‘targets’.

Some devices can extend when the Eyrie is attached to the Eagle to clear the spine frames.

Specialist equipment such as tachyon field collapse detectors were developed specifically for the Eyrie.

Communication options include radio wave and laser light devices.

Self defence capability is provided by 2 high power laser turrets situated under the front of the vehicle.

Nuclear powered the Eyrie can operate for up to 2 years without re-fuelling or servicing.

Ion engines reduce the need for large quantities of fuel and orientation of the vehicle is carried out by gyroscopes rather than reaction control jets.

After the cessation of Alien attacks the Eyrie vehicles were used to control the space lanes and provide warning of dangerous space debris and asteroids etc.

The 6 Eyrie vehicles undergoing refit at Moon base Alpha when ‘Breakaway’ occurred proved invaluable and are the unseen eyes and ears of Main Mission.

Many thanks to the two wonderful people whose kindness made it possible for me to get my entry in on time (just)

My fantastic OH for her splendid painting efforts and limitless understanding and Chris (w8cmp) for his superb photographic skills which were a life saver due to my 'no-camera' situation.

Cheers guys!

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Barrington Bond
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Entry #035

Made today (cos I only had the idea last night!) is my Alphan Mega Mule Truck. Built almost entirely from postcard printer paper with a few plastic shapes and some old Decadry for embellishment.

My thinking is that the Alphans might need a few multi purpose large vehicles when Operation Exodus takes place and so they have had to cobble together what they can from bits lying around. Apart from excellent visibility from the high drivers position and being able to turn on the spot it’s a pig to drive and fuel consumption sucks.

Hopefully helpfully,
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Entry #036

The Pea Pod.

This is a utility pod, primarily for carrying hydroponics and foodstuffs materials. It can carry up to four inter-changeable containers. Their green colour earned this pod the nick-name of the Pea Pod. Since Breakaway, this pod has seen a wider range of uses in transporting smaller containers of a variety of meterials, making it more versatile than larger cargo pods.

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Thread closing. Mind the doors!...*
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^ Bump for old time's sake.
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