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Damnit was the first episode tonight?

time for catchup me thinks

Originally Posted by SPACE 1899 View Post
Great to see Primeval back on for a fourth season on ITV - and must say Abby looked particularly nice with long blonde hair.
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Old 02-01-2011, 08:14 AM   #42
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Yep, the first ep was actually pretty fun. The CGI has definitely gone up a notch, that Spinosaurus ,other dinos and forest backgrounds were excellently done. Otherwise it was basically the same formula as ever- anomalie , dinosaur, run, drive, do something daft, shoot, anomalie closes and cut. Padded with out in between with a bit of humour from Ben Miller. Still very likeable though ,though at one point I actually felt seasick as the camera spun around our two young heroes like a spinning top.
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I want Lucy Brown back!!!!!!!!!
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I'm amazed at the quality of their clothing - to be able to live rough in the wilderness for a whole year and still have the same cloths and footwear on - and their hair didn't look too bad either! They looked like they had been gone for about a week!!

....... S.I.G David Mark Sisson
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