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Default Its official, I'm a McCoy fan now

Been a longtime TB & Pertwee fan & though I have made attempts & forays into the 3 post Tom Doctors, they didn't engage me as much. Davison bland, Colin sharp, & I'd seen 1 McCoy, but the story wasn't as good as I was used to. For awhile I'd resigned myself to being content with Tom & Pertwee & figured I would go backwards & view some Mo & Hartnell stuff.

To cut to the chase, I got some 1 Dollar Who tapes at at store in L.A called Amoeba & a couple were McCoy ones. Very good they are, ( assistant excepted I know), but so what, one shouldn't nitpick too much or one becomes Siskel. Dragonfire & Time & the Rani. Though the Rani serial didn't get good reviews, I like the Rani character. Dragonfire had great sets with the Ice planet. The argument that the show couldn't compete with Next generation technology & Star Wars & Trek movies circa late 80's is valid I suppose, but I could care less, I love the cheap effects. & now I have begun my McCoy collecting journey.
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