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Originally Posted by Mark42 View Post
Its the small original model hull, with replica wing and undercarriage replacements loosely connected(so that they can be removed if required).

The Art Director Mark Harris stated that the big original was smashed to bits after filming.
My soul just screamed and will be crying for weeks. I love the Battlehawk (or should I say loved? ) Never understood why Steve Begg didn't like it. IMO it ended up looking a lot better than his design. Just loved theat beautiful silver brick with wings. Innitially because the forward section reminded me of X-Bomber but... I don't know, there's something about her shape and the whole metallic look... I just love that thing. RIP, BH, RIP.

May I ask how you built that wing? What materials and such? It looks great!

I agree with Blue Moon. Any original model, even in an underdog series like Terrahawks would be worth a lot by now. Why smash them? Even if they were damaged during filming, they'd still be worth quite a good sum of money, especially with people like David Sisson and others who can get them in tip-top shape.

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Originally Posted by age9000 View Post
Here is a pic of an original cube which I have just aquired.

hope the pic is the right size !

It's very similar to the packaging a mug i bought from Fanderson Sales came in!
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