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25 years ago that would have been quite at home in a certain rag tag fleet....
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It's an amazing original build, all the kit leftovers have gone together as if they were meant to.

Very sleek and swift looking.

Slightly 'Battlestar Galactica' springs to my mind, with a large sprinkling of Irwin Allen's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea mixed in.

A name popped into my head for it after I'd seen it in the flesh.

I'll PM it to you Andy and see what you think.

I agree with Bernie, Finish it!


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Captain Sci-Fi
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Default And now for something completely different....

*Andy Post*

In this kind of work, i's not Si-Fi things you have to make.
We were asked to make a pantomime camel, eyes, ears and mouth had to move, then split in two to reveal the actors inside.
This in it's self dosen't sound that exciting, but when I took it on to set things started to get very bizzare...
The programme it was for was Dennis Potter's "Lipstick on your Collar"
The cast and set were very impressive, basically the plot is about a bloke who works in a Goverment office in Whitehall, London. He gets very bored, and in typical Dennis Potter style he starts to daydream.

So all this is a fantasy sequence involving Arabian nights, naked girls on flying carpets and ended up with a very messy fight.

No.1 - Camel makes his entrance on set.

No.2 - Camel splits in two, actors in fishnet stockings.

No.3 - The lead role was played by none other than Ewan McGregor (in red fezz) in one of his first TV roles, long before he doned his Jedi robes.

No.4 - Cast enjoying the fight.

No.5 - Dennis Potter directs just off set. - sadly he died just over a year later in 1994.

No.6 - Peter Jeffrey appeared in many fims and TV untill hie death in late 1999.
One of his many roles was Count Grendel in the 1978 Doctor Who, Androids of Tara.

No.7 - Now...
An additional thing I was asked to make was ahem, 10 gallons of camel SH*T for the fight! !!
It had to look good and be completely safe. It was made from Natrosol (same stuff we made the gunge from for the Noel Edmonds shows),
industrial food colouring and a few handfuls of peat just to add a bit of texture....

No.8 - No.8 - Poor Peter Jeffrey got some straight in the face and because of continuity he had to have it put back for the 2 days.

No.9 - The aftermath...

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Old 12-01-2011, 12:45 AM   #44
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Directors ashtray.....brilliant. The sketch has a look of the Cardassian Ship from star trek, but the model looks much better than that. You have a great skill Andy.

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Old 13-01-2011, 09:13 AM   #45
Mr h
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All of these pictures and designs are just amazing. Huge thanks for sharing them!
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Old 10-04-2011, 12:57 AM   #46
Big Rab
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I totally agree with what Clanger and Steve say, and it screams "Galactica" at me too, for all the right reasons

What a perfect way to use up all the bits that are left, there must be millions of part used kits, sitting in thousands of boxes, stuffed in builders cupboards/attics, all over the world.
All those ship / submarine hulls, plane wings / bodies, tank chassis / wheels and tracks, to name but a small few, sitting gathering dust under a bed when something like this could be built . . . . . . . I think its time for a clear out soon

Maybe this type of modelling is a bit of retro throw back to the original Battlestar / Star Wars era, BUT I love it and cant get enough of it. . . . Please Andy show us more and Captain, keep at him

Perhaps we could start a thread entitled "Whats in the box under your bed?" (plastic kits only) for people looking for parts and to use up all the "extras" we all have sitting around doing nothing ?????

Recycling Plastic to Fantastic!!!!
And so say we all.

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