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Default andersonitis selling up?

I never thought i would see the day,i just looked on e-bay and a listing by `andersonitis`states he is selling ALL his Anderson stuff.

well i never seen that coming i thought he was in it till the end.

here is a reprint from the bottom of one of his auctions.

`I have decided to sell my entire complete collection of Gerry Anderson memorabilia this will include also my comics Lady Penelopes, plus Holiday specials, Tv21 & Joe 90s, Joe 90 Top secret, Tv comics, Countdown , Countdown & TV action, TV Action, Sjors comics, Space 1999 Zack comics & publications, Space 1999 Charlton comics plus italian & French UFO comics, UFO Italian paperbacks, UFO related Japanese comic publications, Candy comics, Supercar Gold keys, Argentian & Turkish Gerry Anderson related comics, All the Fleetway Captain Scarlet , Stingray Thunderbirds Joe 90 comics, Captain Scarlet & Thunderbirds Redan comics & specials TV 2000, TV Tornado & Solos

I have also a few Tv Land, Harold the Hares, Solo comics, & other Gerry Anderson related comics

I believe I have the largest collection of Gerry Anderson publications (I maybe wrong)

So Please put me on fave sellers As over the next year Now is your chance to get the comics of your dreams

There all going plus bubble gum & cigarette cards (I have nearly everything), toys (Jr 21s,Pedigrees, Aoshima,Taito, Bandai, Product Enterprise) postcards, photos, vhs videos, dvds, posters, Stickers, Imai kits, Japanese books, Clothes, Badges, LPs & 7 inches, Laserdiscs, Cassettes, Viewmaster reels, Fanderson related magazines etc etc etc

I have had so much fun collecting & amassing my collection but now I am now letting the world have a chance to see & buy the most incredible items relating to the genius of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson

I now feel that I want to treat myself to a blu ray machine & await UFO & Captain Scarlet to be released & thats just enough for me.`

Put me down for a Pedigree Mint boxed Captain Scarlet when you decide to sell Mr Andersonitis
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Default sale of the century 21

I have just had a list from Andersonitis and it is amazing. I was never aware there was so much material. It is a shame it is being split up. We should all look and buy.
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