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Default dumb newbie strikes again

I was just reading on a web page that the Mark IX Hawk was meant as a defence against UFO attacks in the mid 80s.

Now I have never watched UFO, because it had finished it's run on TV when I was a kid, and I grew up with Space 1999.
Is UFO related to the story in anyway?

Am I missing out on back story of Alpha?? What's going on, please help!

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Space 1999 was created after UFO series two failed to fully materialise, although some of the sets had been created for UFO 2, they were re-used as sets for the replacement series which later became Space 1999.

IIRC the Eagle Interceptor was to be the vehicle to replace the original Moonbase Interceptor but I cannot remember the Hawk being mentioned or I may have just forgotten, its my age unfortunately.

The second series of UFO was supposed to be set some years in the future from the first series and from what I can remember was to be based mainly on the moon in the new base, I also beleive it was to have had Straker in a wheelchair after an alien attack on him or some such.
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The Hawk wasn't designed until half way through the first series. David Hirsch at Starlog had a tendency to invent back histories to go with the occasional blueprint they put together and other unofficial sources have tried to make everything fit into a consistent timeline but it's like trying to force a square peg in a round hole. There is no official history to the Hawk except supposition generated from on screen dialogue.
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Default Re: dumb newbie strikes again

Originally Posted by Stu73
Now I have never watched UFO
Then you're doing yourself a great dis-service. It's an excellent show!

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Default Hawks never get thier Due

Pete FS-Boneyard

I have a Pile of Space 1999 Comic books and the Hawks are used all the time...In the stories...

They were just a dream on (war Games) episode..Hmmmm
looks pretty real to me...

UFO and Space 1999 really have nothing to do with each other
many people have tried to mix and bond the 2 materials but they never

What s great is Who cares....They replaced the outdated interceptors of Shado after Gay ellis Crashed all 3 into the control center when she was putting on her makup...

Joanna Harringtons line was great.....Lets see 3 interceptors,3 pilots
one control room bubble....Gay youve topped yourself its not even
Wednesday yet.

Oh I have an idea!!!
seeing all 3 UFOs got though and are going to land in a remote place in Canada
Lets send the Modile thats furtest away from the UFOs in and dont tell them its hostile.

Here rub this crystal I found on the moons surface after the last crash
It will make you smart.

Thank you Joann you can go back into your corner an play with the radar.

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