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Default Spine Excavation / Painting - Teru Yamada & Comet Eagles

I'm about to embark on the Teru Yamada Boosterized Eagle and I'm wondering about the spine area and cage work. Being filled, it'll look pretty dire.

So, what are my options? Is drilling them out going to be a pain? (I'll bet!)

If I leave them filled, what's a good technique too paint it with so that it 'looks', err real...?

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I know not about drilling the parts out, only done that with injection kits. However, if you leave the pieces in, may I suggest you score around them, then use a flat paynes grey. In landscape painting, greys give distance and depth, so don't go to heavy, work in small amounts till you get what you like.
Good luck, looks like a daunting model
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Probably the technique that was used by many on the Airfix when it first came out...perhaps dark gray/black pastels to create shadow areas. Darker at the edges and a gradient going in.

And then perhaps a display against a black background to lessen the effect that it's filled in.

Oops, just noticed someone chimed in with a similar idea!

Also, the airsoft pellets are a nice touch for the VTOL jets!
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