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Default Important Update from Alpha: 2012


Alpha: 2012 Status Report, 199 Days until Con.

As you know we have Martin, Barbara, Nick, Prentis, Judy and Roy(schedules permitting). Except Nick and Prentis, all of those folks are Los Angeles local and will likely be attending only 1 day. Nick and Prentis will be there all three days.

We have had a generous cash donation to the con from one fan and a substantial cash donation from members of the con-com. Even with these donations, with ticket sales as they are, our budget for non-LA based guests is tapped out. Unless ticket sales increase dramatically, this will be our final guest list.

HOWEVER....these are not all the guests who have expressed a desire to attend. You heard that right. Mr. Raymond Austin—who directed some of the seminal episodes of 1999 like Collision Course and End of Eternity—would like to attend. As if that were not enough, Catherine Schell has expressed interest in attending. It goes without saying that we’d love to have them with us. And let’s not forget that we’d like to invite Anton and others as well.

The problem is? With ticket sales as they are, we can’t afford to bring them. So do you want Catherine, Raymond and possibly more at the con? Yes? Here’s what we need everyone to do.

(1) DEFINITELY COMING BUT HAVEN’T BOUGHT YOUR CON TICKET YET? If you definitely know that you are coming to con and you have not purchased your ticket, DO SO NOW!

(2) KNOW PEOPLE WHO ARE PLANNING ON COMING, but they haven’t bought their tickets yet? Urge them to do so immediately.

(3) NOT SURE IF YOU CAN MAKE IT? Please buy a supporting membership. You can always upgrade it to attending later if you need to. And how is this for a deal....if you aren’t sure if you’ll make it, buy the supporting membership now and we’ll lock in the ticket price at the current rate so that if you do decide to upgrade to attending, you won’t be hit by a price increase later. So, buy a supporting now and lock in the $139.00 ticket rate. Ticket rates go up May 1 and again in August, but if you ultimately decide you can make it, all you’ll pay in the balance of the $139. If you wait until after May 1 to purchase your supporting membership, your ticket rate will be locked in at the higher rate of $159. Supporting memberships greatly help and at the very least, you’ll get all your supporting membership goodies after the con.

(4) SHARE THIS POST. Help us get the word out. Share on all your social media sites. Reach out to fans.

We’d like the guest list for this con to surpass the guest list at Breakaway. We’re well on the way. But we can only do it with your help.
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