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Originally Posted by richardlamer View Post
Yes, waiting on the paper issues as well..I really can't stand digital. I like transporting my comics and being able to read them anywhere....without having to turn on a computer or any device - I'm no expert but I think a paper copy would outsell a digital.

Also, in 10 or 20 years from now I'll still have my paper copy...can't say the digital will still be accessible

That's my biggest beef with these digital copies. If I could just download some jpegs or bmps or pngs, then I wouldn't mind, because as formats change, I could always convert them so they will always be viewable in the future. But these DRM-infested locked formats will be totally un-viewable in the future. I don't mind a collection of image files, but I do mind buying a "temporary" license where I'm only allowed to view the images on their own site, or in a specific device only.

Their "fear of piracy" is leading to lost sales. I would have bought all 3 digital copies the other night if it was a simple zip download of images like purchasing an .mp3 through Amazon. The music industry already tried the DRM thing. How'd that end up working out? The only reason I buy music online now is because it is DRM free and I can do with it as I please and play it on my media player of choice, be it foobar, vlc, my WDTV Live player, or even in my car on a thumb drive.

What sucks is the preview art over the past months on DeviantArt could be downloaded so you could view the images full-size in your image-viewer of choice, so I was thinking this is the format they would be distributed in.

EDIT: Just signed up and previewed a "free" comic on comixology - no way will I purchase something like this that locks me into a flash-only viewing option. It's really a shame that this comic series has to be locked into something like this. Even more a shame that printed copies will be very limited, since I'm not made of money, and can't buy all the comics at once as they're released. By the time I have some cash to spend, they will likely be sold out. I can't even download the comics from comixology to my "Kindle for PC" software. Lame.

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Captain Cyan
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I agree,point by point with gwent.I'm of the old school too,and prefer the paper copies to anything else.I think too that the BLAM! people are wrong in the issue of piracy,rather I think that with their exclusiveness they'll incite it and the loss of sales will be almost sure.A pity,maybe they're not late to change this scheme,I hope.
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Well being a huge fan I caved in and "rented" the current 3 issues available (these 2 and the classic "Metamorph" issue).

I know I sounded harsh with my feelings towards Comixology, but that in no way is meant towards all the people that put so much effort into making these comics come together. I can tell from the quality of the art that these people are treating this series with respect. I haven't read them completely yet but I will, for now I can say the artwork is fantastic and really captures the feel of the show. Any fan of this series should be thrilled with what they did.

Unfortunately I really dislike the distribution system they have chosen. Piracy will not cost them the business they think it will, and this distribution system risks alienating some fans. This puts me in a difficult situation - I hate the "online only" nature of the comics, and I really don't want to support it. On the other hand, if BLAM doesn't see that these are selling well, then that might not be a good thing for those of us who want to see this continue. So I want to support them.

I'd love to buy the physical comics and I hope they will be available in my local comics store soon (not sure how wide the distribution will be, but I'd love to see these on the shelves). But I'll be honest, I do like to view comics on my pc - it's very convenient and prevents wear on the paper comic. At this point I'm just not sure if I want to continue to put money into Comixology - granted the quality is excellent, and the web reader is nice, but with no option for downloading paid content, I'm not liking this idea at all.

I do want to see this series see some success. I never thought I'd see the day when new Space:1999 comics would be available, in stores no less. I just wish they would consider another method of digital distribution that favors the fans rather than the companies. I'm happy they are made available digitally, but not locked in the Comixology format.

Another thing to ponder - the vast majority of "pirated" online comics available all over the web come from scanned physical copies. How exactly is this deal with Comixology going to prevent that? I don't have any intention of scanning copies and uploading, so you don't have to worry about me (I don't have the time or patience) - but what's stopping the usual comics uploaders from buying the physical copy and scanning it, like they usually do? That's why I think this paranoia over lost sales is much ado about nothing - people who want to pay will pay and those who don't won't. This system just punishes the fans who do want to pay, while doing nothing to prevent actual lost sales.

I wish BLAM well with this series. It looks extremely promising.

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