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I agree with my clone Tony.
Very often the downgrading of Season 2 is due to its comparison to Season 1. As a stand-alone Season 2 wouldn't be worse than other contemporary shows such as Buck Rogers or Battlestar Galactica (actually, in terms of special effects Space 1999 is better!),
Said that, my favourite episode ever is Black Sun and my guilty pleasure is Alpha Child.
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My favourite episodes are:

"Black Sun", "Missing Link", "Voyager's Return", "Collision Course", "Death's Other Dominion", "Another Time, Another Place" and "Testament of Arcadia"

I like most of the other season 1 stories, it's just that I've seen and seen and seen "Dragon's Domain" and "Guardian of Piri" so often that I practically know the script.

"Missing Link" and "Death's Other Dominion" stand out for me because of the Shakespearean influence. Whilst I really like the Gothic elements of "Collision Course" - Margaret Leighton as Arra: "I go to shape the future of eternity... And I need your help!" Even if the script wavers a little over 38 years this was the kind of performance which got me interested in Gothic fiction when I was a child. Plus, now we can make better contrasts between SF and Gothic in a way that we couldn't back then.

Don't yet have season 2 boxed set so can't really comment.
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