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Hey Bernie, if you happen to email Mr. Trim again could you ask if he remembers what the black rubber looking ribbed sleaves were that connected the copper ribbed circular tubes around TB5? Know the parts I'm talking about? This one seems to have eluded the best of us.
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Ham Salad
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Originally Posted by Captain Sci-Fi View Post
"Hi Mike, it's Bernie from the Eagle Forum, pleased to meet you"

"Hello, nice to meet you too"

"So tell me, what colour was Thunderbird 2?"

Big smile from me really hoping Mike would pick up on my invitation to play a little before moving on to ask all the details from the UFO models he had designed. Instead he turned fully towards me and said;

"That is a great question, recently I have found some of my old notes and now have all the Pantone colour references for Thunderbird 2, let me have an email address and I will send them to you."
See, now I would have just said, " IT'S GREEN, OF COURSE!"
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Face Ache
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Originally Posted by elder7uk View Post
I have rolls of very highly reflective chrome material from a DIY store that has a sticky back that you peel off,that can be manipulated in the same way described by Mike Trim.

It's called Venilia,however it's not ribbed or corrugated.They do a huge range of this sort of material,so it's possible they might have textured patterns.
I think it's made by a German company called ALKOR-VENILIA.
As a kid I went through an entire roll of my dad's metal duct tape. Very handy for "crafts" () and super-adhesive. Thick too (it's metal), so you can shape it.
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Anyone building one of their own UFO saucers might want to check this UK site that sells large quantities of chrome/mirror tape at very reasonable prices.Perhaps a great deal less hassle and expense than using the chrome sprays.

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