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Q: What's the correct shade of white to paint them?

Um... ooh.... er....?
....Nonono, you've all got it wrong:

Q: What's the color of the white eagle buried in Grant's Tomb?
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Default Anyone seen the original Eagle design artwork?

I know that Brian Johnson is credited with designing the 'Eagle' but has anyone seen any art or design work to support this.?
With Derek Meddings work you had his or Mike Trim's art to back it up, but Ive never seen anything for the Eagle from Mr Johnson.. I'm not saying the design is bad, it's superb, I was just wondering why we've never seen a piece of design art for this iconic vehicle..
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Deja vu... I answered this question on the other thread where it was asked...
I hope that it helps!
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hi i am new here my name is name is Huntee from USA
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