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Default Whither Shermeen?

Originally Posted by tim View Post
Shermeen Williams, what the heck is a 16 year old doing on Alpha?

If we take season one into account, the moon left Earth almost four years earlier. So she was there when she was 12!?
I've always thought that Shermeen was one amongst those we would consider "accidental" Alphans - ie, visiting the Moon (for whatever reason), not actually assigned there, but left stranded there nonetheless when it blew out of Earth orbit.

Her episode should've touched upon this somewhere, but regrettably did not; would've added much clarity. That said, events did go aways to force her to finally "grow up" some; believe she eventually ended up marrying that Hydroponics fellow...!

Other "accidental" Alphans would include Jackie Crawford and, yes, even Maya ; the most notorious, of course, was Commissioner Simmonds.
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The new 1999 graphic novel, Aftershock, actually addressed the issue of Shermeen. In that novel, she was a botany student, who was visiting Alpha with her mother and teacher, at the invitation of Victor Bergman (who was a friend of the teacher). They were getting ready to head back to Earth, when the disaster occurred.

Tragically, the teacher and Shermeen's mother were killed when the Moon was blown out of Earth's orbit. Shermeen survived, of course.
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