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Lt. Dyson
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Default Hints and Info about Scrachbuilding a full Size Orac

Hello Fellow Rebels

im looking forward for Info about the full size Orac,

i already started collecting some parts but still need more Information about him.

so far i got an almost finished Key (big THANKS to MoonbaseAlpha Andy )

the main Measurements of Orac too and

also got four round Toggle switches, 8 red bulb lights for the "brainball" of Orac, 12 relais, bulb lights for the Ring and some Perplex Tubing but what i really need are some good Pictures or Drawings were all those Tubing goes what size the Tubes (diameter, length, etc.) had, what is the size of the Brainball, what the diameter of the Ring around the Brainball, etc. etc. etc.

Is their no second Enzo out their that can Help all of us who want to rebuild their own Orac

would be great for any Help, Hints , Pictures, Drawings or Websites to get more Info that would help to rebuild Orac

Thanks already to all who can or try to help
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I don't actually know if mine is right, but it looks it. The central sphere is about 16cm diameter (I used EMA hemispheres, so check their catalogue and go with the nearest to 16cm). The ring is about 28cm diameter. I found it hard to make and actually made it out of two straight acrylic strips, which I heated over a row of Bunsen burners and then bent them round a distilled water butt! I then stuck the two half rings together!

If it helps at all, here is my build.

good luck!
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