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Default How did YOUR 1999 pan out ? ...

I was five years old when the show first aired and instantly loved it (still do of course) , one of the things i used to wonder on was what would i be doing in 1999 ? - fantasies of space travel and adventure sadly did'nt come true but i did experience a broadly similar feeling of detachment and solitude from the normalities of everyday life rather like the Alphans as i was a submariner serving in the Kosovan conflict at that time.

What were the rest of you doing ? ...
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1999 was an important year for me. At the time, I was working for "Gamesdomain" - one of the first games websites on the net (long since swallowed and ruined by Yahoo). In February I accepted a job in Germany and moved over to live in Cologne.
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I got married and bought a house. I also convinced my wife to honeymoon in California where there just happened to be a Space: 1999 convention going on. I remember at midnight counting down to September 13 - pretty cool!!

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