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Default Scifihardware Weekly Update 30th September 2013

Hi Guys,

Welcome to the latest weekly update from Scifihardware / The Captains Store, bringing you the latest news and updates on current and future products, along with special deals & offers.


This week we ae highlighting 2 popular BattleStar Galactica 1:32 Viper Model kits from Moebius Models, the classic MKII and the advanced MK VII.

The Colonial Viper MKII, Moebius Model's first Battlestar Galactica kit release.

Designed to operate in both space and atmospheric conditions, the Viper is the Colonial Fleet's primary Space Superiority Fighter/Attack craft.
The Viper MKII was originally introduced in Colonial service shortly before the outbreak of the 1st Cylon War. The MKII remained in service after the end of the conflict, but was subsequently superseded by newer models.

The Colonial Viper MK. VII is Moebius Models' third Battlestar Galactica kit release.

The Viper Mk.VII is the Colonial Fleet's newest space superiority fighter. Introduced shortly before the 2nd Cylon War, the Mk. VII represents the pinnacle of Colonial Technology. The advanced technology of the Mk. VII initally worked against them in the opening conflicts of 2nd Cylon War when the Cylons were able to hack into Colonial Fleet system, effectively disabling the vehicles. As the battles progressed, the Colonial fleet quickly disabled all computer networks, allowing the Viper Mk. VII to show its true potential as a space superiority fighter.

For this week only pick up either of these kits and save 5% (deducted at cart) off the displayed price

New & Coming Soon

Carrying on our BSG theme this week we are receiving our first delivery of the new TOS Viper Photoetch kit

Add easily lighted* control panels and displays to Moebius Models’ new Viper kit from the original Battlestar Galactica series.
This set includes:
  • Inserts for all cockpit control surfaces to make modifying the kit parts easier.
  • Screen accurate control consoles.
  • Specially printed backlight films for meters, instruments, and displays, with five different options for the central targeting computer / information screen.
  • Engine inserts to make painting easier – includes backlight films to soften lighting.

Order now for only £18.49 +P&P

WE currently have an exciting and expanding range of enhancement parts for both 22" and 44" Eagles, from laser cut detailing to Brass and aluminium parts available in the shop.

These enhancements really add to Eagle builds, so be sure to get yours.

If you have any questions on the content here or anything from sourcing new kits to pricing questions, please email or PM me - Karr1981

Until next week, Stay safe, and keep building models!
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