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Default Tinkering with a PE SPV

I have decided to adjust a few things which displeased me about my PE SPV. I remember waiting all year for the thing and being very disappointed with it when it arrived. I couldn't believe there were no panel lines scribed on it, just black lines... and these didn't even match either side... nor did the placement of the roundels. Enough whinging.

What I have done is to fix the shape of the front area around the two main intakes, the angle of the roof intake as it tapers into the roof, and the tops of the side intakes behind the doors. Sadly I couldn't get in to adjust the bottom of these. I have also scribed panel lines into the body ( though these will need to be adjusted once the body is primed) and I have enlarged the wheels by enlarging the rims. The rubber tires are actually soft rubber and have happily stretched the extra distance. The improvement, though not noticeable on a photo, is quite remarkable. I would love to change the wheels for ones slightly less balloon like, but these will suffice for the moment. The bumper has also been reshapes with filler to make it look more like the "real" thing.

Pulling the thing apart I have discovered that there's a lot more metal in this than I first thought. Only at the very end did I start to file through the rear roof vent tunnel. The one thing I have not been able to deal with is the inward sweep of the cowl which covers the rear tracks. This is a little too square on the model, but there isn't enough meat to file away.

I'm already starting to like this SPV, and I look forward to painting it and putting some JBot decals on to replace the unfortunate PE ones.

These photos show the areas I've worked on. I shall post one when I've finished.

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