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Default Freedom City model from Gambit

I'm currently rewatching Blakes 7 for the first time since original transmission so I dug out some old Starburst magazines from that time I remember having Blakes 7 FX features and I found a Mat Irvine interview with an image the caption claims to be Freedom City from Series 2.
However when I flicked through the episode Gambit set in Freedom City there are no exterior establishing shots featuring the miniature at all. Seems a bit wasteful considering how tight the budgets were, or maybe the director didn't like it? It seems to feature quite a lot of Airfix Eagle parts.

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Oh thanks for asking that question - I’ve wondered about this ever since I played my VHS copy. My guess is that the miniature looked too industrial and didn’t match the bright casino interiors. There’s a tiny bit of exterior work in “Gambit” which looks like it was shot in the very grey concrete of The South Bank in London - maybe Irvine took that sequence as inspiration for the miniature..?
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More like SFX, can be canned in the editing stage over more expensive acting
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