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Default Do We Really Need The Moon?

More than a question: happened upon this wonderful BBC Scotland program, watched it on the BBC Future website, and just loved it!

(PS: listen to the soundtrack, early on; guaranteed, you'll smile! )
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Slate Mcleod
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[Do We Really Need The Moon?[/quote]

Yes. I think we do.
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It is steadily moving away from us, though. Interesting coincidence: we live at just about the right time for its apparent size to be almost exactly the same as that of the Sun, which means we experience total solar eclipses. Not sure about the exact timing, but I think in a few hundred million years’ time, that will no longer be possible.

By the way, the Moon actually orbits the Sun, its orbit is merely heavily-perturbed by the close presence of the Earth. At this distance, the Sun’s pull on the Moon is twice that of the Earth.

In other words, we live in a binary-planet system—the only one in this Solar System.
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