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One that sticks in the memory for me is “Flight Path”. Something deeply symbolic about the final act, when the women of moonbase send Roper (George Cole) out as sole defender to repel an attack that could destroy them all, and thereby atone for his earlier betrayal.
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mike s
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funnily enough those are the ones I remember most clearly too from the first run - I think that's because they were probably repeated the most as some of the later episodes were either shown late at night or not at all

and yes 'QOP' had a huge impact on me - I think its power comes from the truth of the situation, Gerry/Sylvia being conflicted over work/parental responsibilities

Originally Posted by Odahs View Post
Said it before, Suzanne Neve, what a star! It so sticks with you that last scene. Was trying to figure which episodes had 'stuck' the most from childhood the other day (trying to discount re-watches and bearing in mind my parents sent me to Sunday School and I missed some of the first airing in the Anglia region because of it, I use to run home all the way to catch what I could!!)

Favourite all time is Sound of Silence (which I watched last night!!) Something so spooky about it and though it's more of a Foster episode, with the mobile action at the lake it's always going to be my favourite to watch.

Computer Affair stuck with me well, as did Flight Path, Ordeal and several others.

But the episode that had the most long lasting effect, was without doubt A Question of Priorities, there is the shock of the accident and death, but it is Suzanne Neve's performance that makes that episode. It makes sense of the whole series to me (in terms of the Straker character). I could quote lines all day but her delivery and acting ability were superb.

"Important? What can be more important than your own son's life?"

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