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Richard Baker
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Originally Posted by Neil Lambess View Post
WHAT is going on with TB2s wings..... either they fold up and down or i suspect they replace the old Hydraulic legs and TB2 will lift itself up from the wings.....
They might rotate up for clearance when selecting a Pod- the original series had the Pods too close together when they roll underneath and when TB-2 lowered over the one to use they moved the adjoining Pods further away because the wings wouldn't hit them...

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Captain Sci-Fi
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TB1 - can live with it.

TB2 - no comment

TB3 - made from Lego

TB4 - I love this update even from the limited views, I will build this myself

TB5 - That is not a Thunderbird
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I wonder if poor John is still going to be in the Klygon/Star Trek No.5 and if so from the picture he will keep falling head over heels

Bring back the hoover tube campaign.
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