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Old 19-04-2013, 03:55 PM   #61
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Now that's a lot of fun. Great job! Two Eagles randomly falling from the sky, and exploding... You've got Year One nailed!

And there's something wonderful about rolling around on the moon with gigantic Space:1999 letters floating in the sky (in exactly the same way that bricks don't)

I'm not familiar with the Crysis environment, do you have access to all the resources, including characters and equipment? I'm assuming yes, given the capabilities you've shown here with the Eagles, Moon Buggy, and lunar surface.

Amusing thought: replace the submachinegun mesh with the standard stun gun, but retain the blowback and spent shell casing effects. Something about seeing the stun gun unleashing like an SMG cracks me up.

Great job
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Old 19-04-2013, 10:15 PM   #62
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Thanks for your thoughts, yes this video was just a bloody good bit of fun to show you all what it can do and how things fall of a cliff

To answer your question about having access to everything, well yes & no, your right about weapons as i could design the stun-gun it would fire the laser with the sound-effect from the show and i could have casing-ejections alright The only thing i haven't thought of is the shape of the characters, that's all something for later, but in the end it will be a simple install.. boil-in-the-bag Space 1999, the idea is you fight against others live on a server running this Space 1999 mod and everyone has fun, I'm thinking of doing UFO after this, if this go's well... lot of work, but good work.

The Lunar surface you saw was a rough version, the final version will be very detailed and will be a mesa/crater on the moon, round in shape for a crater the usual... but with moon-base Alpha 3D, now you'd walk around, press buttons on doors to open them, same as the show... you'll have the vehicles from the show, the moon-buggy i did was a kind of upgrade to the original kinda thing, more of a moon-car with the idea for races later on which i can make which can be engaged by 'admins' say the admin of this forum could once the server is on and running and people have joined... could easily join the server and simply type into chat "!race" which would start my little racing program just for moon-buggys, I'd teleport players automagically... but hey that's all server-side-programming which i can do later, today I've got my 3D hat on and I'm hopefully getting a better eagle with a detailed insides for people to enjoy etc... i want to make the entire experience fun... and the eagles hitting cliffs and exploding... well that for me was some of the essence of these shows for me as a kid... if i couldn't get the explosions right and make it look/sound great then bugger it... but i can and it's going to be fantastic....

I'm working on the landing-pad next... the eagles doors open upon landing and the pads for the eagles squish-down on touch-down, like you see on the show... also the landing pad gantry will automagically open and animate and join with the eagle and that would lead you on the pads inner base leading to the travel-tube (more on that later) but the landing pad assembly will have a magic button on there which a player can press that lowers the landing-pad into an eagle-hanger, as seen in the shows... eagles on cranes, lots of work and busy stuff, but a place to plan a strategy or to gather weapons and more eagles, all kinds of goodness... then if you want you could just escape the eagles and roam via the buggy, I'd create the nuclear waste bunkers also which can be captured by an opposing team.... imagine the game as being two teams one trying to take over moon-base Alpha and your the crew trying to stop them, also the nuclear facilities inside moon-base Alpha will be modeled well and that would be a game-target for anyone getting into the base... and all this live on-line in a never-ending slog for Alpha...

So I'm just dipping my toes and hoping others might want to enjoy it also...I'll post more work from test-videos as & when...

I'm always thinking about it i plan to nail the eagles... once i have my perfect one i can then make the variations like the command-center eagle and one with a booster pack... and anything else we may need, but as i say the last thing which may or may not work is the player shapes, you won't be running around a Barbera Bain, rather as the default 'crysis' player shape as shown in previous posts in this thread, but that's not my field of expertise and i think that can be changed/done... but that'll be last perhaps

anyway thanks for the kind words and maybe one day I'll see you at the hydroponics section on Alpha on-line cheers
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Old 23-04-2013, 04:32 PM   #63
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all the deriative types of eagle exist on page 1 of the thred , and they are old pics , they have been enhanced a bit since back then , and there are the new " friends " ones too , never shown , so plenty of choice and plenty of pods etc

booster packs are done etc )
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Old 24-09-2014, 03:50 AM   #64
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Contact me regarding a collaboration if you like what I'm doing with VR liamtgoodison at, I put links to my project on your youtube page
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Old 24-09-2014, 01:41 PM   #65
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sent u a pm with my tel number to discuss


Roger )
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