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Default Spinning Saucers (Of Another Kind)...

Discussions here re UFO's signature "spinning saucers" has sorta nudged my brain a bit lately, so am putting this before the house:

I seem to recollect that an episode of Supercar had a "flying saucer" of sorts in it, that had a peculiar "spinning-spiral" look to it when it took off or landed.

Can anyone confirm this; and, if so, might this be amongst the first - or even the first - such craft to appear in an Anderson program?

As always, happy for any and all replies! Thanks...
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Captain Sci-Fi
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You might want to check out this:

Space Patrol was a spin off (doh!) series made by Gerry Anderson production partner from AP Films Arthur Provis together with Twizzle & Torchy the Battery Boy Author Roberta Leigh. The Galasphere had rather interesting motion and visual effect it also had a kind of harmonic noise when in motion.

Space Patrol was made around 1962 and the puppets used Supermarionation lip-sync mechanics used in the early Anderson shows.

Hope this helps.
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Ham Salad
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Wow that is neat They even have hoverbikes ala fireball XL 5 et al. When he first mentioned spinning saucers I thought of the mysteron saucers that went after skybase in captain scarlet....

Those also seemed to be a predecessor of the UFO spinning effect: they used light reflections and motion to get that 'unearthly' effect....

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Richard Baker
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I loved Planet Patrol- That ships drive system and the wonderful city stand out in my childhood memories right along with the Anderson shows.
It took me quite a while to find out the name of that show later and that link is gold to me- now I can watch them again.

Those spinning saucers in Scarlet gave a great feel for alien technology- being slightly out of focus really helped. It was a trick the anime series Yukikaze to give the Aliens (known as JAM) a totally different tech look.
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Slate Mcleod
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Slightly off topic but i also thought this model of Space Station 7 from Fireball XL5 was very reminiscent of the future Thunderbird 5.

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Well where did you think they got the idea for the design for Thunderbird 5
in the first place?The late Reg Hill and Derek Meddings made it a habit of
re-using and recycling their old designs from the late maestro's earlier
shows at the beginning of the 1960's.That was probably how they came
up with the idea of designing Thunderbird 5 to be like that.
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models/special effects, supercar

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