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Originally Posted by saturnapollo View Post
There is being safe and being safe. As far as I know the eclipse didn't occur in Canada and it was night anyway!

Here are some photos I got here in Edinburgh. Far better weather than was forecast but the clouds arrived just in time for maximum coverage. Though that turned out to be even better as you could view it directly and get photos. Up to that point I was photographing a projection via binoculars.

They look brilliant, Keith - thanks for posting. Did you manage to record the sunspot that was briefly visible at about the 11 o'clock position on the sun's disc? It's not evident on the pics but might be on the originals if they're higher rez.
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Unfortunately I didn't manage to capture the sunspot. Even at full resolution all you get is the texture of the white card. Although the projected image was only a few centimetres in diameter I was hopeful I had, but nothing shows up.

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