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this is what I've found years ago on that website Supermarionation special FX from Marc Frattasio.

Television Camera Van
This is Ned Cook's television camera van from 'Terror in New York City'. The 1/24th scale model had a wooden body and rubber wheels made for flying model aircraft. The driver and TV camera operator figures were sculpted from plasticine. This model was also used as the Hood's vehicle in 'Edge of Impact' and was later reworked into the Spectrum radar vans seen in the Captain Scarlet episode, 'Manhunt'.
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Default Cars!

Interesting discussion going on here.

The general look of the model puts me somewhat in mind of so-called "stretch" limos!

A vehicle whose look and line caught on with the public, and in turn found its way into other forms and purposes. As has often happened in so-called "real" life - whether a good idea, or not! Jeeps and "Hummers," for instance...
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These always reminded me of the old 50'/60's Chevrolet Corvair pick ups.A kit(or kits!)of one these may have been the basis.
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hood, ned cook, north pole, ntbs, truck

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