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Default Thunderbirds Are Go - Or are they?

I have to say that I watched the first couple of episodes in this series with a massive grin on my face and a small tear in my eye. This new series seems, to me, to capture the essence of Thunderbirds whilst keeping it relevant to a modern audience.

I love that they've even tried using models for the vehicles, and forgive them when they cannot.

The CGI puppets are... just that. Puppets in CGI. This to me is the masterstroke. The puppet models are no more convincing that the original series. The backgrounds are still miniatures. And yet it all still works. Genius!

The only design decision I want to question is effing about with Barry Gray's iconic theme tune. Why? It worked perfectly and is (or at least could be) still relevant today.
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Slate Mcleod
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Trev...there is an entire thread devoted to the new Thunderbirds here. No need to start another.
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barry gray, thunderbirds, thunderbirds are go

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