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Proving yet again, that the creative process is endlessly fascinating...

Originally Posted by mw12 View Post
I found this interview on a site called "Shadowlocked":

A specific quote from the interview states that the Eagle's starting point was indeed the 2001 Moonbus, as Fallingstar said:

"Do you think that the knowledge that you gained on 2001 helped you to make Space:1999 a superior show?"

"Oh God yeah. Absolutely. That was my homage to 2001. And when we were designing/doing the cladding on the moon bus, I did a little sketch of a moon bus with an open framework on it, just for my own satisfaction, and then I just threw it away. Then when I got to Space:1999 I remembered that, and then I got a draughtsman...Mike...can't think of his other name...this was a draughtsman who was working on Bond..and he drew up a sort of rough thing, and then I took that and cut it to pieces and built it up so it was like a logical thing till I got the right lengths and made the command module with the lifeboat and stuff like that. None of that was on 2001. They were just things that I added."

I would love to have seen that sketch! Even though Brian isn't as quite as skilled at sketching as Derek Meddings or Mike Trim (no disrespect intended), the historical value of that sketch to us 1999 fans would be immense!
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