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Default Airfix hawk


Bought partly built - I have one in my loft that is unmade (along with an eagle).

I don't know what airfix were thinking when they conceived their paint scheme - nothing like the actual model.
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Crimson Binome
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Yep same here I've got a couple that I'd like to make into variants but the boxed kit is so expensive now
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I remember when these were 10 a penny in the model shops! Hindsight is a wonderful thing!
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This may be a familiar site to many here, but they have some great shots of the Hawk studio models, talk about the changes to the paint scheme done just before filming (it was felt their original paint job was too similar to that of the Eagles), and break down what commercial kits were raided in the making of these. Just click on the various tabs at the top to go from folder to folder.

I've seen prices for the Airfix Hawk fluctuate all over the place on eBay, but lucked into a partially built one a while back at a nice price. (Need to disassemble what's been started though, or it will be a pain to paint.) Don't know if this is of interest, but there is a resin repro of the Airfix kit out there:

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