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Default Light It Up!!

Some things are just meant to be, my friend - so, you go right after 'em!

We all await further news of your progress!

Originally Posted by View Post
Well, what happened next was a that a nice man with whom I work (fellow Anderson fan you know who you are) was talking about lighting models, and mentioned that hed invested in several LED sets from a housewares retailer. He very kindly brought me in a set, and it was just too good an opportunity to pass up.

So, please see attached the photographs of the forward section, stripped of as many plastic innards as possible without damaging the bodywork, and with wooden inserts glued in to hold the battery box support in place. The only way to get access to the battery box is through the rear of the forward section, hence the large rectangular aperture cut out of it. The forward white plastic box which closes off the observation deck was a fairly basic construction with minimal detailing, but now that Im intending to illuminate that as well, I may have to reconsider the quality of my original workmanship!

Anyway, its a nice problem to have Ive never fitted lighting to a model before and this seems like a chance to make my TB2 a wee bit more special. Wish me luck!!
Kindest regards
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