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Default "Studio Scale" SHADO Mobile from Kits for Cash

So I've decided its time to stop just looking at this huge box of resin and do something about it!

I first heard about this kit at Telford in 2014, talking to Ian from Kits for Cash when I bought the UFO kit (which is still unbuilt ). Then last year they actually had it with them, it looked superb...

This is a very limited run of kits, so much so that there were only 17 available for sale and the price was considerable (cough!) However Ian was such a good salesman that when he said I could pay in instalments, my resistance finally crumbled and the credit card timidly appeared!

So back in December a very large box arrived on my doorstep... on opening it there was an insane amount of resin!!

Yes thats a 12" white ruler in the middle of it all! A few weeks later another package arrived and it contained the driver figure

Pity its not Gabrielle Drake though...

It must be said the casting of this resin is superb. The detail is crisp, I can't find any major pits or bubbles, and everything is solid and complete. There are lots of lugs and sprue attachments but thats only to be expected in a resin kit. Here is the back panel - check out the Scammell Tank Transporter roof parts

This part is for the rear of the chassis and its a case of spot the kit parts!

Next it the roof part that joins the cabin to the main body, just look that grille casting

Next is a side panel with superb panel detail

and finally a drive wheel (edge on) plus a road wheel (side on) along with a cabit seat and the instrument panel from the cabin.

The first job was to wash everything in soapy water and start cleaning up the pieces. The first stage of construction will involve the main chassis and preparing it for the attachment of the roadwheels.

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I saw it at Telford as well and the castings look really excellent.
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