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Originally Posted by pjskeldon View Post
They're still taking instalments from me, the most recent a few days ago, although it doesn't seem to be a regular date - it's slipping by a few days each month.
To be honest, I'm relaxed about it. It gives me more time to pay.

My last payment will be in about 8 months time, so don't hold your breath.

Happy to post pictures, but I suspect others will have theirs before me.

Pushed to May but with improvements from FB:

September 26 at 4:40am
Production of our 44inch EAGLE TRANSPORTER STUDIO REPLICAS continues apace.
The decision to upgrade all spine and all cage framework to hand soldered steel construction, while creating the ultimate in strength and adding to the authenticity of each replica, this method of construction is extremely time consuming and will have an impact on scheduling.
Revised release is end of the first quarter of 2018 of EAGLE ONE, RESCUE EAGLE and VIP EAGLE.
We will have final conformation shortly.
As the majority of our customers have taken advantage of our 12 month payment plan, this will tie in perfectly with the release of our Studio Scale Replicas.
For those not already aware: after the decision go with full steel frame construction and ensure that your LIMITED EDITION STUDIO SCALE EAGLE TRANSPORTER is the ultimate in personalized exclusivity along with sequentially numbered and hand signed certified aluminium plaque, our manufacturing agent DRUMWELL LTD are having their engineers photograph every stage of each model during its production. From casting through to hand painting - these images will be captured on a Corresponding Edition Numbered Memory Card that will be included with your EAGLE TRANSPORTER STUDIO REPLICA - plus a Hand Signed Certificate of Production Quality by C.E.O of Drumwell Ltd.
Daryl Davies
Studio Manager
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Originally Posted by Boldman View Post
Agreed, I can build a much better model of an Eagle from a Round2 kit than these guys can make a diecast, plus I get the pleasure of building it!

Agree also but I don't think those large Eagles are diecast. From what I've heard they're resin and steel for the spine.

I'll be buying more of their diecasts including the retro Dinky coloured ones.
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If anyone can build a better one themselves, I genuinely respect you.
However, I'm very aware I'm not in your league.

This is the only way I'll have something like this.

I won't be able to look at it and take pride in saying 'I made that', I know.
But it'll still put a great big grin on my face and bring back good memories of watching Space:1999, as it was first broadcast, back in the 70's. Yes, I might even make the sound of it blasting off!

Back then, I'd make dioramas using books, a dust sheet and liberal sprinkling of cement powder. Then photograph my Airfix Eagle hanging from fishing line in front of a black velvet background using a 35mm camera. Sometimes I'd even try double exposing another Eagle position with just the velvet.

Looking at the photos now, they're crude but I remember the thought and work involved and I still have a soft spot for them.

If I had the skills to make a 44" Eagle I'm sure I'd be just as proud.
However, I'm willing to admit I'm just a Salieri and not a Mozart.

If the product turns out to be a lemon, I won't be backward in saying so.
However everything I've seen so far bodes well for a quality product for the price.

Thanks for yor time,

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