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Originally Posted by Tech_Designer View Post
Well, when they finally posted their prices it turned out pretty good. The 4 Eagle sets are 124 GBP which is currently about $207 CAD. The last 2 Eagles released years ago where $125 to $150 CAD so not bad of a bump up, better than I had thought it would be ($300 or $400 CAD). I decided to get the first 4 Eagle sets (I'm not interested the Hanger set, the only thing I like there is the staircase and the docking tube). I also want to get the Hawk one although they haven't posted the price for that yet. For the last week, I was going to put my name on the reserve list and I kept putting it off for a week until Thursday when I finally did it. I couldn't find any info on the process, I think it's just sending them an email. Does anyone know how long it takes for Product Enterprise to respond? It's been 2 days and I haven't heard anything from them.
it took me several weeks before I got ananswer from them, but they always answered. Be patient and they will answer you, be sure to check your spam folder though...Regards
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I got their email response today! I chose the Early bird payment. I thought about asking whether they can add an accessory for their Exiles Eagle crane arm set. Not sure what episode it was, but they used the crane arm holding a small box with a small claw holding a red fuel rod and called it a "refueling" Eagle. If they included that small box with claw and fuel rod that's another Eagle variant.
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