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Default Fanderson's Sidewinder

Anyone seen this new kit of theirs in the flesh yet?
I love the design - but the photo in the catalogue looks a bit soft for the 28 quid they're asking
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It's cast in white metal and I believe comes as a finished item.
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Yup it comes finished, its all metal with some assembly required for the grab arms and legs so its quite a heavy piece, and IIRC its the wrong colour, the person who painted them has done it in a military green scheme but as far as I am aware it should be grey.

The casting could have been better in places and the gun turrets should have been seperate as opposed to cast in one piece with the main body, I cannot understand why the body was not cast in resin to be honest as that would have been far better

I currently have a box with 15 of the models sat in it with more to come next week.
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