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Default STRANGE REQUEST: 22" AB Eagle part


I have a non-usual request for 22" AB Eagle kit owners (in non-assembled condition).

I have one of these, bought from Comet when it was released many many moons ago. After much assembly planning, I've decided the only kit parts I'm going to use are the command module, the aluminium engine bells and maybe the engine tanks assembly. The rest is pure and simple crap, and very expensive crap, to make it worse.

I'm going to build a cockpit interior, so I hollowed the solid command module (serious here) and opened the upper viewports. And I stopped there, some three or four years ago.

Now I've started again with the thing... and I've lost the back command module part!!!!!

So... could someone borrow me this part, in order to mold/cast it? I'm gonna be a good boy and return it in pristine condition, I promise. And with some juicy present added...

I could "rent" it, too, if that's preferable.

Thanks veeery much in advance!
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