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Tim Smith
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Originally Posted by Warin View Post
I find the whole "no stars" thing highly amusing. Those teeny pinpricks of light are so dim compared to the amount of light needed to generate an image within the time frame a usable photo is made (1/60th of a second say) that it is entirely understandable that they are not visible in any general photography done both on earth and in space. Never mind that the albedo of the moon is so high that light reflected from the lunar surface will also mask the stars! It would be entirely possible, given the right circumstances, to make a long exposure from the lunar surface and get stars. In fact, I am sure that if NASA had anticipated the hoax conspiracy nuts, they would have done them.

This looks like a must buy DVD... but I think I will wait until it releases on Blu-Ray.
If NASA had hoaxed the whole thing, a theory that the same guys that insist that aliens are visiting trailer parks on a regular basis, I think the opposite would have happened: Using the fabulous "Destination Moon" as a guide, they'd have had a backdrop full of stars! Simple science and observation would prove that in the presence of much sunlight, stars just can't compete. You can see stars in the daytime, if you know where to look at the right time. I've spotted Jupiter, Venus, and Sirius in daylight, but it was an eye straining experience to say the least!
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Eagle Pilot
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Here is real proof the landings were faked with lots of "never before seen footage and photos"

(Link just posted on SSM - thought it highly appropriate for this discussion.)
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Absolutely hilarious !
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I loved the photo of the replacement astronauts.
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I convinced. I'd never noticed that the Saturn V wasn't pointing in the right direction. And yes, the authoritative British accent did prove the point completely and utterly. Also loved the evidence from Titanic and the Hindenburg.
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