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I'll add it to my ever-growing list of model projects I have to finish sometime over the next two or three lifetimes!

Hmm... like maybe some little teeny, tiny Eagles?

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Originally Posted by SPACE 1899 View Post
I believe the concepts behind Space 1999 are still relevant.
Take the very first episode 'Breakaway' with the issues of facing the problems of dumping nuclear waste - I turned on the TV news tonight, and, guess what, there's a feature about the Government discussing the very same problem.
I totally agree with you. Ever since I watched and re-watched this first episode (one of the best I think) it totally applies in 2008. The nuclear garbage we (us the crazy humans) produce, we are starting to have problems to find places to hide them. Now with the next moon race (a race to conquer the best spots to dig for Helium 3, the NEXT big energy thing) there will be a bunch of convoys between this blue ball and the grey ball. I bet you that when this will be routine, somebody will say ''Eureka'' and start trowing a couple of garbage bags full of that crazy stuff (read nuclear crap) in the empty containers going back to the moon to get refilled. Breakaway was a visionary sci-fi episode. I always think about it when I hear the problem with storing nuclear waste.
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