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The Matel eagle is quite beautiful, must clean mine up!
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Originally Posted by hwels View Post
No, Dinky Toy, and welcome!
Dinky Toy? I'll have to do a Google search.

Thanks for the welcome too!


Edit: Yep, it was a Dinky Toy. It was the green one, #359.

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I don't know who designed the Eagle toy from Mattel, but I can indeed attest to how well the thing was built. It was practically indestructible and could survive the worst Alan Carter might throw at it, although he wasn't one of the figures offered in it (maybe Mattel didn't want to chance bad karma?). I played with mine quite often when I was a kid and found ways to test its crash worthiness. About the only thing I didn't like about it was only one of the figures had a sitting stance (you could snap the lower torsos on any of the figures). So you couldn't stick two figures into the cockpit unless one was to cram a standing figure into the other seat. I believe the only reason why I stopped playing with it was I got some Star Wars figures and playsets not long after.

One day when my finances get better, I would love to acquire one of these and do it up the best I can, with painted figures and some better details. I might not go as extreme as the guy who completely did up two of these for him and his brother (sadly, the link to it is long gone), but I've got some ideas for how I can approach doing one.
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