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Technically, it's fabulous. And ALL without a computer to do the FX for them. I'll take models over CGI any day. Story-wise, I thought it sucks, and always have.
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Originally Posted by Senmut View Post
I'll take models over CGI any day.
I agree...and I'm a CG modeller. I agree in a lot of cases, anyway.

I think the LOTR team (including weta workshop) got the balance right. Their 'bigature' physical models for structures looked fantastic, as did the CG battle-scenes, and of course Gollum.

I may be building a CG eagle, but I just got a PE12" in the post and have enjoyed flying it round the room!
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2001 is, and always will be a film close to my heart. Everything about it excited me, it was just so real. Kubricks obbsessive compulsion for detail was, I believe a pain in the arse for the crew but he knew what he wanted and in my opinion produced one of the finest films ever made. I for one enjoyed the Douglas Trumbull effects at the end of the film, and the ship from Silent Running is also seen in battlestar galactica on occasion. I could be wrong and i'm sure somebody here will put me right. Great board by the way.
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The model of the Valley Forge was destroyed at the at the end of the Silent Running, with only one bio dome surviving (just like in the movie). Battlestar used stock footage of the Valley Forge from Silent Running.

A side note, aparrently in the original script for script Silent Running, Bruce Dern's charecter picks up a signal from Aliens and at the end of the movie the Aliens intercept the remaining bio dome. I'm guessing that the Aliens looked more like the ones from Close Encounters than the one from ALIEN.

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