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Conrad Turner
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Unfortunately not an original one. There was a role-playing game some time ago called "Space: 1888" IIRC that used them.
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Originally Posted by MkIXHawk View Post
Pssssssshtcoffpsssshhtcoffffpsssshhtcoffffpsssshht coffffpsssshhtcoffff...

...Parp Parp!
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Originally Posted by Perigee View Post
"With the titanic rumble of the subwoofers, Carter felt himself slammed against the pilots chair as the craft struggled against gravity. Scanning the readouts on the panel before him, he snapped, "We've got a failure of string integrity on thruster four! We need an effects crew out there - now!

But it was too late - with a wrenching sound, the craft lurched suddenly downwards, shearing the remaining strings, plummeting, spinning down to the unyielding surface of the set floor below.

"Alan! Alan!!"

Ahh, the return of "string" theory!!
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