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Default BREAKING: Last Man on the Moon...

Scarcely a month-and-change since we lost John Glenn; and just today, news of yet another...


How many of our Moon Men still living? Let's see...out of twelve (should've been fourteen), only six, perhaps seven? (ADD: Six.)

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Steve Gerard
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As a very young boy I watched all the Moon landing broadcasts live with my family. December 1972 being the last...R.I.P.
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Default 1969, James Burke on BBC 1, middle of the night.....

......I was nine years old, awoken in the middle of the night to come downstairs and see history being made as Neil Armstrong stepped onto the Lunar surface. Thereafter, all the subsequent missions - playing golf on the Moon, "I was strolling on the Moon one day, in the merry merry month of December", the Lunar Rovers, and so on and so forth - all became a regular part of life in the early seventies.

These astronauts were real stars, real celebrities, people who actually did the training, took the risks and made history, and I know that for everybody who believed it all happened there's somebody else who claims it's all fake, but it DID all happen, and it was an amazing time to be alive. For all those talentless, spoonfed, attention-hungry TV personalities who bang on about "living on the edge" and "taking it to the limit", have a look at what these guys achieved without their precious Smart phones, hurtling through a cold vacuum in a tiny capsule, taking exploration to the furthest limits of Mankind's achievements and, sometimes, nearly not coming back at all.....

And Gene Cernan went twice!!! Those of us who watched each mission unfold before our fascinated eyes salute you and your brethren, for giving us such an integral part of our blossoming young lives. We really will never see your like again.

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Ham Salad
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Also, it was much more dangerous than people knew: they had only about a 50-50 chance of completing the trip without getting a lethal dose of radiation.
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apollo 10, apollo 17, eugene cernan, gemini 9, snoopy

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