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Default Lunar Models Flying Sub

A little while back [about six months back] I took the plunge on the Lunar Models Flying Sub, to go with the Voodoo FX lighting kit I bought in advance for it. I have been buying Lunar Model kits on and off [mostly off] since they started. I have always found them to be somewhat of a curates egg. Intially they were pretty much the only game in town and one was satisfied on that basis alone.

Then the sci-fi world passed them by, I was not impressed by thier large sized Orion III Space Clipper. I wanted to build that as travel agents model and present it on a 2001 poster I have that says: "welcome to the Hilton 2001" but the kit has always held me back. Comon' someone make a kit of Orion at a decent size.

I got the large scale Spindrift and interior kit whilst good and and an improvement on previous kits, it still had aspects I was dissapointed with - particularly some of the moulding quality.

So it was with some trepidation I dipped on the Flying Sub, it came today [after a near five month wait since ordering] and I'm blown away by the quality. Silky smooth vacform just about state of the art resin castings. I'm itching to get started with it.

I have also heard on the grapevine that the retooled Lunar Models Discovery kit is vast improvement over previous versions.


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