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Default Barry Gray Music Samples

I love spotting music tracks that have sampled something else within them. For a bit of fun here's a few that I've come across that some recognisable tracks within them (some more subtle than others).

Anyone know of any others?
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Captain Sci-Fi
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Bernard Hermann's themes are regularly dissected for the various mixing crews, witness this from the Physco soundtrack, big difference between inspired by and totally lifted.

There is another track I heard from the Sneaker Pimps called 6 Underground, the melody is pleasant enough but it is lifted directly from a James Bond theme.

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Add Bernard Hermann: There was a passage from one of his Vertigo themes in the film The Artist, not so very long ago; and a lot of folks were reportedly upset about that (Kim Novak herself not least amongst them). If you've seen both films, believe you know the one!

Still (and with all due respect to Miss Novak), that passage did somehow work, within the context of the film's storyline at that moment. An homage to one of the movies' musical masters, too...
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Barry Gray was a British musician and composer best known for his collaborations with television and film producer Gerry Anderson.
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I ran this little compilation up a few years ago with soundtrack by a Japanese band called "Les Cappuccino" who's style is based on that hippy 60's groove style.
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