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Default Stephen Corbett Sidon Ship Blackpool

The Amazing Stephen Corbett has come through again with some reference images from the Blackpool Exhibition, these rare images have come from his rummaging through stored documents Thank you for taking the time to do the work and sending them to me.

Stephen had the follow to add:

Hi Bernie
Please find attached the batch of photos I have found. These are photos of the Sidon Ship as she appeared at the first Blackpool exhibition, hence the changes to the nose and solar panels. I recently found the photos but sadly not the negatives. As you can see they have faded badly and some are damaged. I think they are still useful.

Stephen Corbett

Images like this are so rare we had to show them as was. Notice the unfinished look to the model with more or less only one side made. The Dexion "sled" type armature is interesting and I am not really sure why this was used as the model had mounting points in the nose and in the rear exhaust.

Usual rules apply, if you want to share please link to this post on the forum rather than copy or distribute, not for commercial purposes. The images in this post is copyright Stephen Corbett 2012.

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Captain Cyan
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The reference images are a must too.Again,well done Mr.Corbett
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