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Slate Mcleod
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Originally Posted by Boldman View Post
The 1:48 scale thing is a holdover from the 44" studio model that uses 1:24 scale Gemini pilots in the cockpit, thus if the 22" is half the size, the scale must be 1:48. However the pilots in my opinion are too large so that breaks the scaling. Just look at the height of the passenger module door, it measures 1.5 inches so multiply that by 48 and you get 72" ie 6 feet, which isn't big enough! The doors in my house are 78" tall, so if the passenger pod door were the same height as my doors, then that gives a scale of 1:52
Yes that's exactly the problem in my mind...and it started from those bloody Gemini astronauts we never saw on screen anyway! That's why i'm curious but also nervous of the scaling of the lights and moon buggy and silo kit...the box art of the cargo eagle was openly photo shopped to fit. Jim Small used a plastic wine glass to create those silo covers, I tracked the same wine glass down, and its over twice the scale. So we can't use those particular publicity shots as a scale reference to what might be coming. As soon as you work out just how many waste canisters SHOULD fit into a silo the entire argument turns into the size of Thunderbird Two's pod again....

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I am very pleased to say that this model won Gold at last weekend's IPMS UK Scale Model World

This is the second year in a row I've won this particular class with an Eagle model, so hopefully if Round 2 produce the Laboratory Eagle next year, I'll have a go at the hat-trick!
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Well done!
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Well deserved.

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