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Default Series Finale

Who says the series finale episode should have been Reflections in Water instaead of Long Sleep? in Reflections ; at least at the end of ep there was a huge battle( all former clips) and shado won that one; in long sleep NOTHING csasme out of it? Any Thoughts?
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Crimson Binome
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I would go with that - watched it recently - and apart form the lip sync to tape(press play) it is still an action packed episode
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Well it was a well-known fact at that time,the episode"The Long Sleep"was
banned from being shown in the U.K. as well as almost most of the U.S.
and maybe Canada as well,on account that the plotline of this particular
story dealt with the use of drugs and LSD which was a very"touchy"subject
on tv,comics etc during towards the end of the 1960's and at the beginning
of the 1970's in those days.

It is probably still is.
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